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Plätzchen Unter Dem Mistelzweig (2013)

by Abby Clements(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 4
Goldmann Verlag
review 1: The Skipley WI is having a Christmas bake off, with a TV celebrity as one of the judges. When two cakes are found to be sabotaged, the bake-off takes an interesting turn.The story doesn't really follow a logical progression, but it all ties up in the end. Really just scenes that build up to the final picture. Clements's writing is easy to read, and the story is simple; a quick read that'll last about half a cup of tea.
review 2: When I saw this Christmas short story I was intrigued. I’m a huge fan of baking and Christmas so it seemed a perfect read for me! I am also really enjoying the current series of The Great British Bake Off which is on just now when I’m writing this review.The story follows the Skipley villagers as they all prepare for the arrival of
... morethe eagerly anticipated special guest judge and the annual bake off. Tensions are as high as the temperatures on the bakers oven as each baker has something to prove with their bake. Katie wants to bake it big, Rachel wants to show that she can do more than be a mum, and John is hoping that baking is the way to the heart of the woman he loves.Even though this is only a short story you get to know enough about the characters to get a proper feel for them. Katie is anxious about her bake as it could mean the difference between becoming more than the village cake shop owner and transforming into a celebrity baker. Rachel is also anxious because she is eager to prove, even to herself, that she is capable of more.The bake off is not all plain sailing, and with sabotage a possibility there is a little mystery thrown into the mix. This short story will not only have you reaching for the rolling pin and the ingredients for the recipe included at the end of the story, but will also have you identifying some of yourself within all of the characters. less
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Not even long enough to be called a short story, but it was free and Christmas-y :)
A cute Christmas read with cute characters developed in such a short story.
Very average short story
A fun short story!
3.5 stars
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