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Gretchen (2010)

by Arthur de Pins(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
2800147210 (ISBN13: 9782800147215)
review 1: Great art, well-written with an interesting hook: an amusement park made-up of real-life monsters! Comical, but unfortunately, the plot seems to be somewhat lacking. A little too much of everybody, and yet not enough of any one character to really establish an interest. Reading this volume does raise the question: who is the protagonist is this story? Who do we (the readers) really wanna pay attention to, put our guesswork into the background of, guessing their motivations?Enjoyed the story, regardless, liked the art, and the character design. Still, doubting I would want to pick up a second volume (besides finding the answer raised at the end of this volume, which I believe can be easily explained and does not requirement this investment; and any other answer would u... morendoubtedly be so convoluted it would leave me more annoyed than satisfied).Good book, but my interest was sated with this one volume.
review 2: A quick, fun read. Not something I would buy, but something I am happy to continue checking out of the library. Zombillenium is a theme park that gives a front to modern-day creatures of all kinds (vampires, zombies, werewolves, demons, witches, etc.). The story is silly fun, watching these creatures go through the day-to-day hassles of working regular jobs while also every now and again having a special crisis of some kind that needs to be resolved. In volume 1, we find part of our focus is on Gretchen - born a witch, but a witch who has a very special father... less
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Excellent illustration, nice storyline. I would like to see more in this series.
Meandering story, but a cute sense of humor, and a pleasant art style.
Loved the artwork in this. The story was pretty fun too.
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