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Every Precious Thing (2011)

by Brett Battles(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
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Logan Harper
review 1: This book was an unexpectedly good read! It was kind of a sleeper in that I bought it on sale, I thought from Amazon, but apparently not as they do not show it available for Kindle. So I am not sure where I actually got this book. Anyway, I really expected I would get exactly what I paid for. So imagine my surprise that it drew a 4 - star rating from me. Battles' characters are well rounded and draw both empathy as well as compelling the reader's sympathy. The plot is well done, with a few twists and turns here and there that will keep you turning the pages. It is a cross between an action/adventure and a mystery with enough intrigue and enough clues to keep the mystery buff reading as well as enough action to draw those who want more adventure than sleuthing. It is... more a quick read and was very well worth the price. Congratulations Mr. Battles - I look forward to reading more of your books!!
review 2: Another solid read from Battles. I am not sure if I like this series as much as the Quinn series, but it is good to say the least.. If you like thrillers, action and suspense then give Brett Battles a try. A solid 4.5 stars. I am patiently waiting for the next installment in both series. I am a fan, out of the 10-11 Battles books I have read I have yet to have a bad experience. Thanks for the entertainment Brett, keep up the great writing! less
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It was a good mystery. Was a little confusing at the end of the book and a little slow.
Meh. Not so much. OK -- but....I've definitely read better.
Another great Battles novel - kept my interest - good read!
another great read, a page turner
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