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The Cold Nowhere (2013)

by Brian Freeman(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
0857383213 (ISBN13: 9780857383211)
Jonathan Stride
review 1: I read this A.R.C. because the story sounded interesting. This was a new author for me. The story was fast paced and full of twists and turns. I found myself believing in the main characters. At first I was surprised who was behind the murders, but then I stopped to reflect, and realized I had missed a few clues. The author wrote a well constructed suspense. I look forward to reading this author again soon.
review 2: i did enjoy this book,i did not think it was a gripping as The Burying Place but it was good book.i have given it four stars because i worked out who the killer was when the character was first introduced into the story.I also found Maggie to be very annoying in this book and did not like the way that she treated Cat.Apart from the above,the
... morestory is good and although i guesses who the killer was i still had things that i wanted to know that kept me wanting to finish it whereas normally when i work out who the killer is i normally dont want to finish reading a book and find another one to read. less
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Another can't-put-down thriller from Freedman. Yet another example of why he's an auto-buy for me.
Pretty good Who Done It. Certainly quite a few characters to try to keep track of.
This was a great page turner for me and totally didn't see the end coming!
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