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Bodyguard: Hostage (2013)

by Chris Bradford(Favorite Author)
2.64 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This is an action book. That point is fairly obvious, but important because I don’t normally read action books. But this book was surprisingly, well surprising is probably the wrong word, it was unexpectedly good. I think this is because the characters featured in this book felt very real, and the characterisation was good, which is something that in my experience can be missing in action books. I thought that the characters were interesting, and the plot was not just fast but rapid. I think this was added to by the shorter chapters, which I'm not usually a fan of, but in this book they worked well.The best thing about this book was that it felt real. By this I don’t mean that it felt factual as in real-life events that have actually happened in history. But all of the... more security/close protection elements felt real and researched. And they were researched, I admire the dedication that the author has shown to make this book accurate, because this is what I think makes a good book. Especially, in the action genre, the added detail and correct facts makes the whole thing seem more plausible and it really helps me to become immersed in the world.For this book I have been a lot stricter on my rating. Based on enjoyment, this book is probably four stars. However, based on content, effect and long term enjoyment it is definitely a three star rating and three stars is probably more of an accurate representation of my appreciation of this book. I definitely enjoyed the writing, and I think I will read some more of the author’s books in the future, whether they are from the Young Samurai series or any sequels to this book.
review 2: It's a pararell world of Alex Rider or what??? 1. 14 yrs old English boys. Master in martial arts2. Alex's uncle was a spy. Connor's dad was a bodyguard. Oh man, you gotta to stop 'it's in your blood' stereotype. 3. They put kids in deadly jobs. Wtf 4. Alex is an orphan. Connor's dad died. So it wasn't cool if parents live. Get it?And I might add, wtf is buddyguard *eyesroll*. Fine, i can pretend that is kinda cool with a bodyguard school. Personally, think the plot is soooooooo cliche. Everything is predictable from a very first page til the end. You'll know what will happen next. Admid it-- A bodyguard and a president's daughter! See? Everybody in this planet is doing this plot since forever. Also, I notice that Americans speak like English people. I don't feel like they're in Washington. It's like the story happens in England. It lacks American atmosphere. Moreover, I think both Alicia and Connor are too mature to be 14 years old kids. The ways they talk and think.. Sometimes they maje me feel like they're high schoolers. Moreover, Connor is having a very high hero complex. Ok, i thought it's cool but after I read through, his hero complex becomes annoying. And Alicia.. She's a dump spoil brat. She's plain stupid. Despite all those boring plot and weird story atmosphere, It's enjoyable even though the plot is weak and the story is predictable. It isn't that suffer. It's a so-so action book. It isn't bad, but I won't recommend to friends either. less
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amazing it was thrilling great to read i stayed up until 12 just to finish
what a awesome book!!!! can't wait till book 2!!
A fantastic book, an absolute page turner!
A rival series for Cherub.
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