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The Story Of English In 100 Words. David Crystal (2012)

by David Crystal(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
1846684285 (ISBN13: 9781846684289)
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review 1: I finished a few days ago and already I want to reread this. It was a great audio read. Short chapters and so much of interest but very hard to absorb it all! So I think I'll want a paper copy next time.This is just brilliant if you're interested in words and language, as I am on a less-than-scholarly level.Some fascinating words are discussed, their history and uses and related words. From 'hello' to 'dude' and 'robot' all the way to a particular 'c' word, absolutely fascinating history. I like the historical words more. The older ones surprised me.A good dip-in read but also great straight through. Nice audio narration as well by the author. Personable, humorous and extremely well researched.
review 2: Very interesting look at our language and how it has evol
... moreved, focused around 100 words introduced in chronological order of their appearance in the English language.Maybe a trivial point, but one of the most interesting things mentioned for me was that since the start of the new millenium, there have been very few loan words adopted into the language. Considering that English is usually very open to just adopting the local term for the thing (karaoke, fjord, kayak, etc.), it came as a surprise that there have been so few cases of loan words in recent years. less
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Once again David Crystal is informative, entertaining and amusing. A must for word geeks.
Quite interesting survey of word origins, well presented. Makes a good bogread.
Terrific book for English logophiles.
entertaining and informative.
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