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Angel Of Chaos (2000)

by Debra Dunbar(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I love this series. Sam started out kinda mean (she didn't care if her actions were punching up or down) but now she's quite the defender of the downtrodden, helping ex-slaves, protecting a single mom and her unborn child and trying to prevent a genocide. At the same time her relationship with Gregory is stronger and more beautiful than ever. I had a lot of fun trying to explain to my husband that my heart just melted because Gregory had called Sam cockroach in the sweetest most loving way possible.
review 2: The Imp series is one of all time favorite PNR series. This book starts up a few months after the absolutely incredible Imp Forsaken. Sam is back in the human realm and is once again trying to solve multiple problems at once. It was good to see that she is
... more still true to her nature while continuing to grow. Gregory is also changing, or maybe just reclaiming his original self. A layer or two is even coming off the always awesome Gabriel.The relationship between Sam and Gregory is really wonderful. The second time I read the series I was struck more by the traits Sam and Gregory have in common, than those that are different. They each contain so much passion and even violence and they each spin elaborate plots. Of course, Gregory has six billion years more experience than Sam has in getting his way, which makes him a whole lot better at it. As with the other books, the scenes between the two are lovely, but there's also a lot going on and beings to save. Several interesting new characters join the mix as Sam's jurisdiction continues to grow. Angel of Chaos has a complete story arc within it and continues the larger story of the evolution of Aaru.You might be able to read this as a stand alone, but I don't think you can pick up on the significance of the action to the overall plot arc. There are many characters from previous Imp books who are present or are referenced. The two main characters from the Imp spinoff No Man's Land are also in Angel of Chaos and Demons of Desire is briefly referenced. You don't absolutely have to read the spinoff books, but this series is really, really good and I recommend reading all of it. Sam's story has been tightly plotted from book one and the spinoff books are well integrated into the Imp world, which is why the characters from those books sometimes appear in Sam's books. less
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Oldičnaaa!!! Ne mogu dočekati sljedeći dio. :)
I love LOVE this series. It's one of the kind!
Loved the angel vs demon shoot out scene.
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