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Exorcising Hitler: The Occupation And Denazification Of Germany (2011)

by Frederick Taylor(Favorite Author)
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1596915366 (ISBN13: 9781596915367)
Bloomsbury Press
review 1: I picked up Exorcising Hitler because I knew a lot about the Second World War, but not much about the years spent by the Allies putting Germany back together again. I was glad I did. The book focuses on the immediate aftermath of the war from the downfall of Germany in 1944 to around 1946. Taylor uses primary sources from ordinary Germans to really put the reader in an average German's perspective. Topics such as the Great Trek of Germans westward into the Western Allies' hands away from the Soviets or the elimination of the old Prussian Junker class by the Russians were particularly interesting. I also liked that Taylor offered a fair perspective of the British, Americans, French, and Soviets in their roles as conquerors and state-builders. The Epilogue does an excellent ... morejob filling in the gap from the 1950s to the present day. All in all I feel like I get Germany from 1945-2013. Well done Mr. Taylor.
review 2: Very interesting read that picks up where most history of WWII leaves off- the aftermath. Despite the title, only a couple chapters deal with the formal denazification process, as most focuses on the challenges facing the Allies in administering conquered Germany and how they dealt with them. The last chapter, in which the author essentially hit 'fast forward' to condense postwar German history from the early 50s to present day, felt tacked on, but the rest of the book was excellent. less
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Very interesting and informative.
Uses minimal primary sources.
Fascinating information.
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