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Ready To Reach (2013)

by Inglath Cooper(Favorite Author)
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Fence Free Entertainment, LLC
review 1: This novella tells the story of CeCe MacKenzie - a budding country music singer who packs up her grandmothers old car, takes her dog Hank Junior and heads for Nashville. Along the way, her car catches fire and she is rescued by two former football players from Georgia. Together, they head to Nashville to try their luck in the pubs and clubs, hoping to be spotted by someone who can help make their dreams a reality.I enjoyed this novella for the most part. CeCe is an interesting character. She really has no clue what she is doing after the car burns up but she does try and continue to do things her way, which was nice. Thomas and Holden were a little stereotypical - big, ruggedly handsome ex-footballers who rescue the damsel in distress but their relationship is good fun rea... moreding. I wasn't overly keen on where this story was left - it seemed odd that after everything they had been through, the missing dog would be the conclusion of the story. It doesn't really make me want to read on (although I will) because I would rather the drama to revolve around the characters.Having said that, I will reserve total judgement until I have concluded this series of novellas.PaulARH
review 2: CeCe Mackenzie, who has music in her blood and was taught to play by her uncle that was somewhat famous , is headed to Nashville in her Granny’s beat up rattle trap of a car named Gertrude that she bought brand new in 1960. She has everything she owns in the car which doesn’t amount to much. Her clothes, guitar and her best buddy, a Walker Hound named Hank Junior. She’s hoping that with a little luck, she can make it big in Nashville. Eighty miles out of Nashville though her luck turns against her. Her car dies, well, blows up actually, and all that she was able to save was her dog and her guitar. Thomas and Holden, also on their way to Nashville, stop to help her. Thomas whole heartedly but Holden, not so much. The trio head to Nashville in hopes that all of their dreams will come true.This book is written in parts and ends rather abruptly. It’s not that I would call it a cliff hanger, more like the end of a chapter which I found rather odd but overall I really enjoyed the book as well as the three main characters, CeCe, Thomas and Holden. Holden at first comes off as a jerk but even he grew on me once you learn his story. less
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Quick easy to read and some enduring characters. Just what I needed.
Really enjoyed this. Would like to read more.
Short but good. I can't wait for book 2.
22 December 2014: $0.00 FREE on Kindle
Cute story! Love the characters!
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