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Manic (2013)

by J.A. Huss(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 4
1936413272 (ISBN13: 9781936413270)
Science Future Press
Rook and Ronin
review 1: 4.5 stars -- It's always awesome when the books get better and better in a series, isn't it? I still thought Ronin was a dick in some ways, but in this book I think I better understood that these were his downfalls, and that he too needs to learn and grow. People aren't perfect. So I tolerated him more. I mean, he's ridiculously hot and the chemistry he has with Rook is off the charts, but he's a bit pushy and oblivious at times. He got himself into more trouble trying to figure out how Rook fits into his life balance, and how things might need to change a bit (for example with Clare).Rook was fabulous. I love how she makes mistakes, and makes rash decisions, but she comes around to understanding why they were wrong, doesn't have a problem admitting it, and then trie... mores to grow and be better. She's just really real. And you can't help but root for her and hope she finds her place. I also like how honest she is, and how, in general, she calls people out on their shit (especially all these boys in her life).I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Spencer and Ford. And I kind of liked that I was wary of them, but they didn't remain 2 dimensional dicks -- you can actually see how they became who they are. It was frustrating watching them fight over Rook and confuse her, but it helped her grow and I think she taught them a lot too.So, it was fabulously sexy, with a strong heroine who isn't without flaws but can be funny as hell. The surrounding plot was exciting and suspenseful. And I like that it doesn't end all cliff-hangery....she gets bits of HEA in between. Looking forward to seeing what the next book is about, and watching them figure out how to settle in with each other.
review 2: This sequel is hellaaa funny! Even easier to read than book #1. And i began to love Rook here. The boys character are really out in the open here, we can see how they react to Rook since Ronin is M.I.A. billy, spencer, and ford. Even Antoine. The body painting theme is something to look forward to every time Spencer did it. Im wondering what would be the theme for the body painting this time.I like the -masuk akal-. It is a normal reaction to turn on at everything that made u aroused. Even it is just a body, not ur love one. I think it is perfectly make sense. Get this, many romance novel usually told us this phrase "i even couldnt look at other woman in sexual way again, because my eyes only has appatite for my lover." . While this phrase is so sweet and swooning, it is not like that in the reality. So i love that this series not following the same sentiment phrase like other common story." Your first impression of Spencer should be dumb. There's just no way around that, in high school he always looked the part of the big dumb jock. And now that he's all tatted up, he's just switched over to being the big dumb biker. Your first impression of Ford should be well-dressed asshole, but maybe a little on the weak side. Not buff like Spence, but lean and fast. He plays that part well. Snooty, rich, privileged, soft hands, soft words, living off his name and his family's wealth. Your first impression of me should be honest, trustworthy guy. Good-looking, charming, happy, and eager to help and please. A rule-follower who wants to forget where he came from.Your first impressions would be dead-ass wrong in all three cases."Just like what i've said in review of book #1. This series is no way near dark romance. Truth to be told, it is. And because i have an early assumption of the exact opposite, when the truth comes out it hit me like a tons of brick. Wow. Never saw it coming! The no hint is blinding my judgement.Oh, i am absolutely in love with FORD. Darn, he is one cold asshole, chilling me to the bone. But he ticks me off. Pretty sure he did the most HEARTMELTING gesture in this book, put Ronin to shame. I want to know about him more. I think this is my first time not feeling dissapointed that the heroine is not ended up with the second guy who usually i fell in love with. I know Ford is better up without Rook, he deserves someone stronger. Hope he finds her in the spinoff. Cant wait to read it!By the way, i know how Spencer and Ford look based on their cover book. But i dont know how Ronin look, and it is a bit disturbing. LolI really enjoy the alternating POV here. Never, i've been looking forward to be inside each other head like this. The POV is so different and always move forward. less
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If you can get past the awful cover art.. this book is actually pretty good.
So much drama and hot scenes..loved :P
Liked much better, on to the next one.
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