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Worst Case (2011)

by Jassy Mackenzie(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
1415201536 (ISBN13: 9781415201534)
Jade de Jong
review 1: PI Jade de Jong goes off on holiday with her beau, David Patel, only to be told David's estranged wife is carrying his child from a single relapse. Then, her quiet scuba instructor Amanda is murdered, who had been an air traffic controller previously. David is asked to help the local police investigate and he and Jade get in deep trouble when they uncover a nefarious plot by a businessman to ruin the coastline. Slow beginning, but tense moments as the plot thickens.
review 2: pretty exciting new south african mystery, taking place at st lucia, the first world heritage site of SA. jade is a p-eye/assassin for hire and/or justice (as it turns out her long dead momma was too) and she sets up a romantic week on the beach and reefs of south sa with her married co
... morep boyfriend. things go bad quickly though and so lots of plot twists, gruesome violence, unfair rules, double dealing capitalists, thugs, cops, and judges. creepy but efficient hospital admins, rich dudes in hummers, and even a fucking hippo. a reader can see over her 3 novels that author jassy is writing more and more for the international book trade now, in that her plots and details are a bit more generic and less overt sa cultural quirks. but still one gets lots of "what-it's-like-driving" in sa, and some of the frankly creepy physical and psycho-social geography of the greatest country on the tropic of capricorn (apologies to ozz n argentinos :)) less
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Oh man...The action was superb and heartstopping, but I did.not.like the ending at all.
Not up to the author's first two books. Not enough action and slow.
Loved this book. First by this author I've read. Hope can find more.
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