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Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 08 (2012)

by Julietta Suzuki(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 2
1421540827 (ISBN13: 9781421540825)
Kamisama Hajimemashita
review 1: Nanami and Kirihito are in the land of the dead and are told that if they eat the food from there they will have to stay. Izanami tells Nanami that she can leave but Kirihito cannot return with her because the dead are not allowed to leave. Nanami finally realizes who Kirihito is and that he is important to Kayako. Tomoe also begins to realize his feelings for Nanami. This was an interesting volume because a lot of little things were revealed.
review 2: Well the god sumit turned out to be interesting, and I LOVE Otohiko, I can't stop myself from reading his parts in a funny voice, it's just hilarious. Things seem to be starting between Tomoe and Nanami, and those last chapters were full of awkwardness! I'm still a little annoyed about Nanami saving that Kir
... moreihito guy! I mean he's going to be that really evil demon guy, who is probably going to have some really evil pan that involves a lot of massacres and death which no one is going to like. less
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I think this book is a really good book an it is interesting.
Tomoe is in love and he doesn't want to say it.
4.5 Stars!
3.5 stars
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