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The Restoration Game (2010)

by Ken MacLeod(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
1841496472 (ISBN13: 9781841496474)
review 1: Unpalatable, like tumbleweed salad. 40, 50, 60 pages in...nothing is happening. Part of the problem is that this male author simply can't slip into a female character's skin. Part of the problem is that the story line is deathly boring. Look MacLeod, just being a geek doesn't give you access, privilege, or insight. This is a book for autistics who revel in word counts, trivia, and imaginary tension. Yawn.
review 2: “The Restoration Game” is a good book that offers an entertaining reading without really offering much more than that. Compared to some of MacLeod’s earlier books it does feel slightly lacking in ambition, partially because the big plot revelation that the entire book revolves around is a plot device that has been used so frequently in Sc
... moreience Fiction in recent years that it feels a bit underwhelming (amusingly, the heroine is also underwhelmed by the plot device for precisely this reason). The early parts of the book do manage to set up an intriguing mystery (some of the flashbacks are particularly good) and the novel’s heroine is an engaging character (even if she is irritatingly naïve at times). I did enjoy reading it, but I suspect it won’t end up being a particularly memorable book and MacLeod has done better than this in the past. less
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Very cool premise bookending an only modestly interesting story.
First person ending? Fail.
Dissappointing from Ken
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