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Elizabeth, Queen Of The Seas (2014)

by Lynne Cox(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
0375958886 (ISBN13: 9780375958885)
Schwartz & Wade
review 1: based on a true event that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand. "There once was once a lovely elephant seal who lived in the city. And that is exactly where she belonged."Elizabeth is quite home in the Avon River, but also on the streets of Christchurch. Well-meaning townspeople decide she must be returned to the ocean so that she will be safe. But each time they tow her away, she manages to find her way back. Finally, the town decides that they need to make it safe for Elizabeth to stay "in town."Sweet story.
review 2: When I read this book to myself, I thought it was a nice story and the illustrations are lovely. But then I read it to my second graders, and they were absolutely spellbound. I've found kids often respond enthusiastically to a true story, an
... mored they actually cheered when Elizabeth returned to Christchurch. This book is a great example of literary nonfiction for children- Elizabeth is personified without being anthropomorphized. The first time I read it, I wondered if some of the page turn decisions were spoiling the tension, but by the third time I'd read it, I decided they're just fine. This will be one of my best-of-2014 books, and I won't be surprised if it shows up on award lists. less
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Wonderful illustrations by Brian Floca. Just wished back material had more on the real Elizabeth.
I really like the fact that this story is based on a real elephant seal.
based on a true story, pretty cute but not amazing
Sweet story about an unusual elephant seal.
I LOVED this story!
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