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Broke (2013)

by Mandasue Heller(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
0340960140 (ISBN13: 9780340960141)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: Having read a few Mandasue Heller books I knew what to expect from this one. Her books seem to follow a fairly standard pattern and this one was no different. Main character gets married and things start to fall apart. Within the basic plot the characters are normally involved in the drug scene, prostitution or abuse of some kind and this story was no different. However going into the book with my eyes open and expecting something didn't make it less enjoyable. Heller is able to make you care about the characters she wants you to care about and to despise those she identifies as the 'bad guys'. I got this book through a First Reads giveaway and enjoyed it despite it not giving me anything unexpected.
review 2: Broke is gritty and true to real life, the ma
... morein character Amy was very believable and quite moving. When Amy's husband Mark gets deeper into debt and then turns to a loan shark Kenny Yates, obviously he does a runner after Yates gives him a beating. Then Yates abuses her and expects Amy to take on the debt, which she does as she has know choise in the matter, you could not help feeling for her especially when she spirals into drugs pushed on to her and the abuse she suffers. Once you start to read this book you cant put it down - you have been warned! less
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clever read with a good twist expected it to be more of a thriller, not sure why!
Awesome book could not put it down for 1 minute.
Absolutely brilliant!
loved it
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