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Falling For Hamlet (2011)

by Michelle Ray(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
0316101621 (ISBN13: 9780316101622)
review 1: LOVE.LOVE.LOVEI basically fell in love with Hamlet during this book. *WARNING* THERE IS A LOT OF DEATHTo be completely honest I was expecting a bit of a happier ending, I grew to love Hamlet and Ophelia together (I ship it ;)), which is why THE THING THAT HAPPENS BROKE MY HEARTI really don't want to spoil it, and Im sorry if I have already, but do not, i repeat DO NOT let the cover fool you. The book is really cute and I love how the story was written and this new version of the original story was fantastic.READ IT!!
review 2: I didn't decide long and hard to give this a 3 stars. Why? Because I didn't think the adaptation was anything special.For one, I'm extremely annoyed at Hamlet and Ophelia, whom are both main protagonist in this novel.I am aware of the fac
... moret that the author can't make these characters to differ too much from the original Shakespeare take but Ophelia just pisses me off so much in so many ways. I think she's selfish and doesn't think things through.Despite the characters being the way they are, the writing itself is mediocre. No punchline. Nothing memorable except the end when they kill each other off (hardly a spoiler no? since u have no idea who died! haha). I didn't have my toes curling in suspense or anything. It was just a read, nothing more. Thanks to the well-written summary at the back though that got me reading. less
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Sad ending, but that made the book. Hamlet was so..insanely awesome.
Very refreshing.
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