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Dog Shaming (2013)

by Pascale Lemire(Favorite Author)
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0385349343 (ISBN13: 9780385349345)
Three Rivers Press
review 1: You've seen the dog shaming pics on the internet, right? Photos people take of their shamed (or not-so shamed) dog with a sign describing the transgression. This is a collection of those photos from the lady who started the original blog from which this phenom began. Funny stuff. Gross at times - lots of poop eating and peeing in inappropriate places. I've never owned a dog - but my child really wants one - and these pics make me extremely nervous that any future dog will destroy our home and everything in it. But then look at those faces. I guess it's all a trade-off.
review 2: I had never heard of the website about dog shaming when someone at work gave me this arc to look at because there's a mastiff in it...I have mastiffs and am crazy about them. Very funny
... more stuff! It was interesting to read how this website phenomenon came about, and how quickly. Just gave it two stars cuz I flipped through the whole book in 25 minutes and it was humorous, but nothing more. Good gift for dog lovers, I don't think anyone else will appreciate the humor. less
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Wow! Dogs were so very cute but I am glad that my dog doesn't do some of these dirty deeds! lol
So, so, sooooo funny!!!
So funny and cute!
It was very funny
Very cute.
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