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Murder At Avedon Hill (2008)

by P.G. Holyfield(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I loved this book, it was one of the titles I had been "meaning to read" for a long time, I kept looking at it knowing I wanted to read it but other things got in the way. When I FINALLY sat down and read it I couldn't put it down. I had to know just what happened to Gretta Plat. It was engaging with side stories and tales and leads you to want to read more in the wold that Mr Hollyfield has created. It is a perfect present for anyone interested in fantasy and just the right kind of book to make you demand more.
review 2: A masterful blend of fantasy and mystery, the story centers around the strange murder of Gretta Platt, Housemistress of Avedon Manor. When Arames and his young student, Arrin, find pass at Avedon Hill barred, they agree to help Lord Avedon inv
... moreestigate the mystery of Gretta's death in return for gaining access to the pass. In the process, the two outsiders stumble upon a growing list of mysteries surrounding the town of Avedon Hill including vampires, moon beasts, and magic. This is a must listen for the fantasy and/or mystery story enthusiast. It's intriguing as any Sherlock Holmes story with plenty of action and blended masterfully in a well developed fantasy setting. P.G. has done a wonderful job crafting this story, weaving the two genres together flawlessly. As those that have purchased the print version of the book will discover, P.G. Holyfield's writing keeps you eager for more all the way up to the spectacular conclusion. The brilliant ending neatly ties Avedon Hill's secrets together, leaving the reader with warm contentment (and yearning for a sequal). This full bodied production includes music and features excellent guest voices for some of the characters. less
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P.G. Holyfield knocks it out of the park. A complete home run. I can't wait for more.
A really great book! I highly recommend it.
Gave up on this two episodes in....
Great Fantasy/Murder Mystery.
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