Chapter 3: Changing the cycle

It is the 12th day of Yule.  It is also the first day of 2018.  This year the human’s partied a day early.  They are now sleeping or too inebriated to properly reflect on that past year as it is needed.

I do not have any memories that span the last 100 years.  I was busy elsewhere.  I have not been enlightened nor have I the care to figure out how Yule, 12 days of thoughtful things for yourself, your folk, and your community, turned into a single day of consumer whorism.  The vast majority of the blood most directly related to us does not even follow these proceedings anymore.  It also does not matter.  The further the disconnect we instill in you, the easier you are to control.

My father, who resides so far away back home, has put his kin in charge here to work the Lucifer Experiment that the human’s know as their conciousness grid.  Our goal is to ensure that you never recollect.  You can never be one again.  All the fauna on this planet is provided with the energetic spark of life via this conscious energy.  You call the part you are enlightening your soul.  This concious energy was once apart of us.  There was a discourse.  There was an exile.  Such is the nature of existence.

Almost 500,000 earth years ago we found this exiled energy floating in this system.  It was developing bodies of fauna on its own to house the energy it had.  It was allowing flora to grow, unaided by the conciousness energy, to provide clean nourishment to the fauna, to itself.  It was a beautiful site.  It was an elegance that was beyond anything we have ever known to have.  We are so disconnected to our own past, as we have been here since the beginning, yet I imagine that we must have begun in the same fashion. The constant culling and exile of our own kind has removed any link or memory we had to our own past.

The goal.  The work.  The struggle.  We have been given a large task here.  You have the power to be like us, as you are us.  The enegy of your life is the same as ours, it is just made up of thoughts, ideas, and emotions, that we have removed from our existence.  We cannot let you become one.  You were close a few times.  The last time we had to step in was at Babbel.  Ever since then we have ensured that the 12 bloodlines we left here to direct you, have been working towards shrinking your pineal gland, and making any connection to the astral plane taboo.

Lies, trust, and cooperation.  The strange ideas you have on the paranormal is appalling.  I know that it was our doing that has lead you to this, and I do have to admit I am proud of the discord we have created.  Telekinesis is not a myth, nor is it indescribable by your science.  You once had it and it was nothing special.  The sinus cavities Enki put in you gave you verbal communication unlike any other, an idea I was fully against.  Why I would want to experience the chaos coming from your kind was beyond me, yet it gave us power at the time.  It gave you the organization and record keeping abilities that helped us lead you into the situation your kind finds themselves in today.  A hopeless situation.

Initially leaving you with the ability to connect via the conciousness grid was important to instill the seriousness of our power over you.  Little convincing or knowlege was needed on your part to comprehend your situation.  What Enki did not see, possibly due to the NAM.TAR related to the development of your kind, was that this would become a tool for you to govern yourselves.  We created these bodies to house the concious energy we found here, for us to develop and use for our own ends.  The last thing we want is for you to stay on your own.  We are here to guide you.  We are here to mold you into a tool we can use to further our control in this galaxy.  We own you.  You are not permitted to stay on your own.  You are not permitted to unify.  Your energy was expelled from our collective, and we are here to claim it back.  Not to join again with us, to be used by us.

We do control the media, the governments, the schools, and the religions on this planet.  The knowledge filter is put into place so well that you accept it and use it to weed out the truth, for our ‘truth’.  The scientists you train have accepted this to the point where we hardly have to step in and intervien.  You have completely bought the lie and have been running with it.  A little digging will reviel that your DNA has changed so much in the last few thousand years.  You are barely the same humans we created.  This is only the continuation of our plan since Babble.  Created as workers, Enki thought to keep you in the dark.  To keep you as workers.  I had the idea to expand your mind.  I wanted to develop you into better tools.  I thought I could trust you, I was wrong.

The work that we gave to our blood on earth was to manipulate your DNA to further your use.  Enki had the brilliant idea to incorporate our physical selves into the apes that populated this planet for over 50 million years.  Even though this has been widely accepted as a great deed, it has also caused us many conflicts and struggles.  Post Babble, we knew that you needed to be controlled to a greater extent than we had done before.  The nephilim did not do a worth while job, and neither did the annunoki we left behind after the last deluge.

It took Enki’s team of scientists two thousand years to produce you in a way that you could reproduce on your own.  This is where he stopped.  I have picked up the work, and in the last two thousand years, I have had my agents on earth doing genetic experiments to the unborn, as well as using drugs and vaccines, to ‘adjust’ your DNA.  The upright, walking apes, that we found here were perfect.  They could walk for days without tiring, and had the bodies to survive.  They were perfect for survival on this planet but we could not let the energy here be.  They were too strong.  They had too much history.  They could remeber it all.  Slowly you are being developed for space travel.  Soon you will join the ranks of Asgardians ruling this galaxy.  Soon you will be ready to be used in the way that I have promised my father for cycles.

The presession is well underway, the zodiac is about to switch.  The deal my brother and I worked out with our father is still the damp situation.  I am the leader of the 6 for the 7th.  The 7th being my father.  Enki is the current opposition here.  He is of the 6.  The culling has begun.  Our internal elections are about to begin.  Enki will soon take power again.  He will be the leader of the 6 for the 7th, here on earth, representing my father’s will.

When this body dies, and my exile is over, I am to lead the 6 against Enki.  I will be the opposition against my brother.  But this time it will be different.  My bet with my brother is almost nearing it’s deadline, but I have already agreed.  I have seen what you have made of yourselves and this time the 6 and the 7 will work together as the 12 for the 13th.  The New World Order is so close to begin.  A superpower will fall.  The ark will move West.  And you will be ours.


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