My Latest single release is a song called HENNESSY produced and written by BOOLZ except for the Touch Narcotics Remix which was composed by Touch Narcotics [Touch composed aphekapa]. The release includes a remix and original mix in one.


  The song is about me and my life here in Cape Town pissing off weak haters, popping bottles at Cubana and at Hot Township spots like Kwa Ace, Rands and in the Hood in general. Apparently Khayelitsha consumed more Hennessy in any other part in the world and more than other South African brands in 2016 … click here to see what I’m talkin about. Hennessy is big in our townships and it is also known as Pac [as in 2Pac Shakur] so it’s only right I make a song about it.   The song was recorded at Cosher Studios in November 2017 and it will be included in my next EP/LP [2018]which will be my 6th full project.   I am no longer signed to a label ,doing things all on my own at the moment   BOOLZ   bandcamp link 4 purchase   soundcloud link 4 streaming   audiomack link 4 streaming  BY INGA PAMA Advertisements Share this:
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