The Wrong Man – Kate White

The Wrong Man was published on 9 October 2017 by Canelo

A moment of pleasure leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse in this slick and suspenseful thriller.

Kit Finn meets handsome sculptor Matt Healy on a business trip and the two share a night of passion. They arrange a second date, but when Kit arrives at Matt’s apartment she is greeted by a stranger claiming he is the real Matt and that his identity was stolen.

Realising she has been duped Kit decides to put the encounter behind her. Shortly after, the police ask her to identify a man killed in a hit and run, carrying only her business card, and she is shocked to find the dead man is the person she knows as the genuine Matt Healy.

Kit fears she has become unintentionally embroiled in a sinister web of deceit. With no real evidence to take to police, Kit resolves to unravel the mystery herself. But can she do so before more lives, including her own, are put in danger?

For fans of psychological suspense and compulsive mysteries, don’t miss this tense and page-turning novel.

My thoughts

The Wrong Man reminds me that I can be quite a harsh judge of psychological thrillers. I have fairly high expectations of where I expect an author to take me in terms of suspense and thrills.

There is nothing particularly wrong with the Wrong Man. It is just very average and cliched; in terms of plot development, language and how it reads. It is an easy read, that doesn’t stretch your mind. It is the kind of book that you pick up on a summer holiday and never finish. It is more light romantic suspense, than serious thriller.

The story itself involves a slightly annoying decorator called Kit. Kit has a one night stand on holiday with a mystery red haired man, Matt Healy. She decides to meet him again, when she returns home to New York. However the man she meets at his appartment is the wrong man. Who was the man she met on holiday? Kit’s life gets slightly chaotic, as she tries to work it all out. Events spiral out of control. There is death, a burglary and stalking. Kit begins to fear for her life.

Overall The Wrong Man is one to avoid if you are serious about your psychological thrillers. If you want something light and fluffy to pass the time, then it will be sufficient to keep your attention. You will undoubtably find yourself willing the bad guys to get Kit because she is incredibly irritating!




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