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Tales From The Pantry: Random Rants & Musings Of A Stay-At-Home Mom (2011)

by Shari Owen Brown(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
0615515622 (ISBN13: 9780615515625)
Estep & Fitzgerald Literary Publishing
review 1: I am not at all interested in finishing this book. I am very surprised that so many people love this book. I feel like she has complained for the majority of the first 42% of the book. I can't take it anymore. I typically don't write negative reviews, and definitely not for free books or memoirs, but I just really can't believe so many mothers enjoyed this. She is so negative and even mean at times. Don't get me wrong, I am a stay at home mom and my daughter drives me absolutely nuts sometimes. But to write an entire book just complaining about being a mom? I can't take it. Anyway, a lot of people love this book, but it just was not for me.
review 2: If you are a mother, grandmother, aunt,childcare worker - anyone who spends time with kids, RUN don't wa
... morelk to get this book! I entered the giveaway here on Goodreads for this book with the idea of handing it on to my daughter who has a two-year-old daughter of her own. Glad I read it first because it is hilarious! You will find yourself in these pages more than once. I know I did, as a grandma, and those memories of when my own kids were little are still close at hand! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. less
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So funny, I want to hang out with this woman, will defo be checking out her blog
Cute! Everyone with children should read!
Good for a laugh!
I laughed
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