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The Seventh Witch (2010)

by Shirley Damsgaard(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
0061493473 (ISBN13: 9780061493478)
Avon Mystery
Ophelia & Abby Mystery
review 1: Great Aunt Mary's birthday was not so great to start with; but, hey, she was only 100. I guess witches live longer, if not always better. This last book of the series was great fun, and now I have, have, have to read the two I've missed. Ophelia and Tink were a great mother/daughter duo in this this, and Ophelia's mother was also along for the ride. Actually, every relative Ophelia had was in this story, but that made the story even better. I hope there's another book in this series, because the romance between Ethan and Ophelia just started cooking, well simmering, anyway, and I had hoped to be around for the boiling point, at least. This series is not deep or emotionally challenging, but it's fun. Kudos to Shirley Damsgaard.
review 2: Ophelia Jensen, h
... moreer parent, grandmother Abby and adopted daughter Tink are off to the mountains of the Appalachia region to celebrate Great-aunt Mary's 100th birthday. Being that we are discussing Ophelia here, it doesn't take her long to stumble onto a dead body, and this time Ophelia finds herself up against an evil witch.The Seventh Witch is the latest in the Ophelia and Abby tells and one of my favorites. Not only do we get to spend more time with Aunt Dot, but we finally meet the frigthening Great-aunt Mary and spend more time getting to know Ophelia's wonderful parents. Back stories and family history are revealed, giving even more depth to the characters, especially Abby.The same formula is used again, of Ophelia finding a dead body and rushing off to solve problems better left to the police, but at this point in the game you can't expect much else. It is who Ophelia is, but this time I wanted to be right there by her side as she sought to protect her family from harm. Couldn't hurt that one of my favorite side characters made an appearance. less
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This was another awesome book in this series and I really hope it is not the last.
Strong female characters dealing with doing good with their powers.
I thought that this was the best book of the series.
Sigh. Wish there was another book in this series.
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