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Brass In Pocket (2013)

by Stephen Puleston(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 1
Smashwords Edition
Inspector Drake
review 1: This was an excellent read I worked out the date clue early on and got annoyed with the detectives that they could not see what I could of course that would have finished off the story. How pleased I felt when I was proved correct. I have a habit of looking for the authors repetitive phrase Puleston's seemed to be the number of times he "fired up the Alfa". I have just bought the next Inspector Drake in the series. Thank You for a "Good Read"
review 2: This was the first book in a series about a police detective in Wales who manages to solve cases even as he struggles with OCD and likely some Asperger Syndrome. I certainly liked the premise, but it fell short of my expectations. It seemed like the book wasn't just ABOUT someone with those challenges, but that t
... morehe author suffered from them as well. The writing was stiff and unemotional, and the reader had was told every detail about every obsessive behavior that the character exhibited. The murder case part of the story was excruciatingly slow, and there were no positive relationships between any of the main characters. By the end, I was just bored. I didn't care who died, or who did it. less
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First one read by this author but will certainly look at the next one.
Interesting twist on a police procedural - lead investigator with OCD.
Great mystery. I'm going to read the series.
The first in a series with Inspector Drake.
Okay, so a Welsh setting is cool.
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