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Planet Kindergarten (2014)

by Sue Ganz-Schmitt(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
1452118930 (ISBN13: 9781452118932)
Chronicle Books
review 1: I think this one will work best for one-to-one reading. Some of the pages, especially the first couple of spreads, had a lot going on. It felt a bit like this was a spin-off book from an animated short - lots of change in perspectives in the art and visual jokes that some preschoolers might not get at first. Young space cadets will dig this, especially those who've had a few days of kindergarten under their belts.
review 2: For this boy, the first day of kindergarten is like climbing onto a spaceship and flying to another planet. He takes us through his entire day from beginning to end, and everything is one great space travel metaphor. There was some cleverness, but my main problem with the text was that I think some of the humor went right over the heads of
... more the kindergarten audience. I read it to a few classes, and they seemed to like it, but they certainly didn’t love it. There were a lot of blank stares. less
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Cute! I like the space theme overlaid on the first day of school.
Cute book for the new kindergarteners.
Cute book for kindergarteners.
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