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Writing Movies For Fun And Profit: How We Made A Billion Dollars At The Box Office And You Can, Too! (2000)

by Thomas Lennon(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This was actually the second time I've read this book. I was trying to recommend it to someone who's a nerd for behind-the-scenes Hollywood stuff and, though he still inexplicably refused to take my recommendation, I wound up talking myself into reading it again.This is a stellar book. Very funny, very readable, but also incredibly informative. I should note that I have no aspirations of ever becoming a Hollywood screenwriter, but I am interested in the behind-the-scenes goings-on of moviemaking, and these guys really tell it to you straight.Right off the bat, they explain that this book has nothing to do with art. It has nothing to do with screenwriting theory or how to develop characters or how to win Oscars. This literally is a guide to navigating the treacherous and ar... moretless world of major studio movies. You know how there's a hundred indie movies about would-be famous screenwriters having their artistic vision torn to shreds at the hands of thoughtless, uncreative studio executives and flighty actors? This book is a lone guide explaining that, yes, if you wanna write for a major studio, that shit can and will happen. And, if you're not so precious about your ARTISTIC VISION and just play the game, then you get to actually work and make a stupid amount of money, even if it means putting artistic integrity on the back-burner.In short, this book is about how to sell out in the movie industry, and it makes no claims to the contrary.Peppered in among the tips and what-to-expects are personal anecdotes of crazy or awful things that actually happened to the authors while pitching and/or developing their scripts. An executive falling asleep during a meeting; a junior-executive who wouldn't understand why her boss was so enthusiastic about buying the authors' script, and who thoroughly sabotaged the script through and through until the end result was Herbie: Fully Loaded; Billy Crystal being a dick... All told very funny, very entertaining.Yeah, I mean, this book is great. Again, I wouldn't ever want to do this for a living, but I do write and I do create and, even though I'm not necessarily as invested in sacrificing all my artistic integrity in exchange for money, there are some genuinely thoughtful pep talks in this book to remind you that, even as an artist, you are human, your brilliant vision is still subject to the scrutiny of an audience, and there's nothing wrong with accepting and considering constructive criticism of your work.Above all, though, the best takeaway I have from this book is just the sentiment that, if you want to be a writer, you have no choice but to constantly, persistently, maniacally write. For hours a day. Turn off Facebook, turn off email, unplug your television, and work work work work work work work. That's good advice. Even from a couple total sellouts.
review 2: This book was actually really entertaining. Thomas Lennon played Dangel in Reno 911! but he has also written a bunch movies and crap. This book is not an exact "how to", but it reveals a lot of insider's knowledge about the process of writing in hollywood and showbiz. It is hard to go from dreaming about writing a screen play to actually getting one produced and made into a movie, especially if you have never seen inside this exclusive and elusive behind the scenes world. He basically explains that it is not everything you dreamed it would be, but he makes a crapload of money and is living a very nice life. The message is a bit mixed, but still really powerful: just do it, and it might work out or it might not, but you don't have much to loose. less
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Fun read! ....if you have an interest about the labyrinthine inner workings of Hollywood
Great insights into the Hollywood system for writing screenplays. Well worth the read.
I don't write a lot of reviews, but this is an unusual book and I like unusual books!
Great! Fun to read and helpful.
Funny and informative
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