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Alphas After Dark (2014)

by Vivian Arend(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Takhini Shifters
review 1: This is an odd, odd grab-bag. I picked it up for the Kit Rocha story and at this point wish I'd waited for that novella to be released as a standalone.Copper King / Vivian Arend -- *** -- sweet, but as with a lot of VA's stuff, the sweet overpowers any potentially meaningful conflict so it's not terribly memorableMarked by Temptation / Deana Chase -- DNF -- the heroine is a sex witch who trolls for one-night stands by sending out magic or pheromones to make her prey have sex with her. It all seems a little too rape culture for me. I bailed pretty early. I'm not here for that.Rumpel's Prize / Marie Hall -- to readShattered Web / Crista McHugh -- maybe to readTank / M. Malone -- to readCage Wolf / SM Reine -- * -- the writing isn't bad, but for me it was most memorable in th... moree sense that it creeped me the fuck out. Way too much nonconsensual sexual violence.Collateral / Roxie Rivera -- eh, maybe too read. I don't trust this compilation anymoreBeyond Solitude / Kit Rocha -- *** -- Likable, but I wish I'd waited for the standalone release. That feeling is coloring my response to the story.Blue Roses / Mimi Strong -- *** -- The first chapter had me near tears, chapter two had me laughing. I was all set to love this but neither the hero nor the heroine were mature enough to even try to get passed their first fight. Instead they both were all Mopey McAvoiderson until a convenient accident forces them together. It was really frustrating, in the way that I sometimes get frustrated with my friends for taking stupid risks but not important ones. I think if you're more into the Debbie Macomber scene than I am, this might be more up your alley. (But beware of the rest of the stories in this compilation.)
review 2: This review is based only on the following stories:Copper King by Vivian Arend - I found this one to be fun, loved how Jim and Lillie met by chance and how much fun they had. I was worried towards the end, but didn't need to be, because even the powers that be knew a good thing when they saw it.Collateral by Roxie Rivera - What looks like a Romeo and Juliet style story has some big surprises. I liked how even though these 2 seem so different they really weren't. I did like that Ben took a chance at the end.Beyond Solitude by Kit Rocha - I loved how Mia realized her self worth and what freedom really means in Sector 4. It was great how that even though she was new, the O'Kanes stepped in to claim her, making things much easier on her and gave her the support system she needed when her world came crashing down. I liked how Ford realized that he was more in with Dallas and crew than he realized. less
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I purchased this box set so I could read Minx Malone's Tank which was a hot and sexy read.
Finally done.....read all. Good plots. I am going check out some of the series. :-))
I am working my way through this one. I read the Kit Rocha story and loved it.
Enjoy the different storylines
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