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Dominance (2011)

by Will Lavender(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 3
1451617291 (ISBN13: 9781451617290)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: This second effort becomes too convoluted, too complex, to induce a suspension of disbelief. Never-the-less, some good characters and twists lend it an appeal, as does the suspense and mystery. That is not to say this is a mystery story, where clues are laid about to be deciphered. This is a plain thriller, a suspense novel. As such not every detail needs to be ruthlessly accounted for. With that in mind, the book just made it into Three Star territory.
review 2: Call it 2.5 stars. It's got what seems to be a can't-miss premise, but author Lavender kinda botches it anyway. It's 1994, and nine students opt to take a night class taught by a literature professor in prison for killing two female students. Then fast-forward to the present day. The profesor w
... moreas vindicated and released, and one of the students from the night class has been murdered in the same way as the two undergrads from before. The surviving students gather for the funeral only to discover that someone is bent on picking them all off. The book alternates between 1994 and the present-day, and for a while it's a nifty little puzzle, but Lavender is – to put it charitably – a clunky writer. The dialogue is phony, the mystery too often hinges on the kind of coincidences you see coming from a mile off, and Lavender is a graduate of the James Patterson attention-deficit school of plotting, where chapters end before they've barely begun. Toss in an ending that's the kind of schlocky groaner we get in lousy suspense movies all the time, and I won't be rushing out to pick up Lavender's next one. less
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Will Lavender writes "puzzle thrillers"--a great new genre. Enjoyed this very much.
That was the best book I have ever read. I'm speechless.
I just can't get into it. Will try again later.
Kept you guessing with an unexpected ending.
One of the most unusual mysteries I've read.
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